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Advanced VPS Hosting

Use VPS Hosting to Power More Demanding Websites in a Virtual Private Server Environment.

Introducing Verio's Advanced VPS hosting, an affordable way to get the private resources needed to power larger websites with higher traffic demands. Choosing a VPS web hosting account from Verio satisfies the need for more security and ensures that your application or website receives its own isolated environment by creating a simulated, or virtual private server for optimum performance that meets industry standards.

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When you choose an Advanced VPS Hosting solution from Verio, you get a virtual private server environment – one of the most reliable options for hosting your website, blog, or ecommerce solution. VPS hosting offers more security and a private slice of the server for maximum reliability and performance. VPS web hosting also makes a perfect testing environment for large Windows, Linux or Unix applications. Load them on a virtual private server to confirm everything is working, and then deploy your final application to a dedicated web hosting solution. Our Windows Virtual Server is a shared server that has its own private resources. Our , cPanel VPS Hosting, and FreeBSD VPS Hosting provide isolated CPU, RAM and other resources. So performance is not affected by other accounts on the server. A Verio VPS Hosting solution is the ideal platform regardless of the applications and websites you need to host. Plus all solutions are backed by our 99.9% SLA for uptime and include around the clock phone and email technical support.

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Choose from four, robust Virtual Private Server plans featuring isolated, secure space on a larger server. Perfect for sub-hosting multiple sites, e-commerce or custom applications.

  • Get enhanced security from your own dedicated partition of a larger server.
  • Complete server access to the things you need. [?]
  • Get complete access to the things you need like configuration files and server logs, while Verio provides advanced management, optimization and hardening of the Kernel, Operating System and physical hardware.
  • Verio handles all server maintenance, security, backups, licensing, etc.

Get More Control from Your Hosting Solution.

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VPS Hosting

Get the flexibility and simplified administration of cPanel in one of three plans. Perfect for point and click installations, sub-hosting multiple sites, and running popular applications like WordPress.

  • More privacy and security from your own dedicated partition of the server.
  • Easy-to-use control panel and set up wizards
  • Verio handles all server maintenance, security, backups, licensing, etc.

Built-in Tools Simplify Everyday Tasks and Add More Functionality.

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Need More Server Space?

Consider a Dedicated Hosting Solution with more server resources on a server that is exclusively yours. Dedicated Hosting Plans


Looking for FreeBSD VPS Hosting?

We also offer IPv6 enabled Virtual Private Servers on the FreeBSD Operating System. FreeBSD VPS Hosting Plans

About Verio

Verio is a leading global provider of web hosting and cloud services. As a part of NTT, one of the world's largest telecommunications companies, we offer the stability businesses need in a long-term technology partner.

Domain Name Registration Verio offers Domain Name Registration. Every domain purchased through Verio includes a FREE 3-page website. Our Web Hosting Plans include FREE design and marketing tools and a FREE domain name to help you start your business online.

VPS Hosting For businesses looking to control costs, but that require higher security and performance, Verio VPS Hosting is ideal. You can rely on it for your high-traffic ecommerce sites, content management systems like WordPress and Joomla, or multisite hosting.

Dedicated Hosting When uptime is critical, Verio Dedicated Hosting provides you with private managed servers that let you focus on your business, test environment or website, while Verio handles the hardware.

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