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UNIX Hosting

Verio's UNIX Web Hosting Delivers Maximum Reliability on the FreeBSD Platform.

Verio offers three options for UNIX hosting. For businesses just getting started with a website, basic Web Hosting plans based on UNIX web hosting technology are a great option. For more intermediate use, a FreeBSD VPS provides a secure, reliable solution for UNIX hosting. And lastly, if your businesses needs a private UNIX web hosting server then a FreeBSD Dedicated Hosting plan is the way to go.

UNIX Hosting by Verio — Learn More

When you select a UNIX web hosting provider like Verio, you get your choice of unix hosting environments. UNIX web hosting is one of the most reliable options for supporting your ecommerce solution, blog, database or website. Many of our UNIX hosting plans can be used for sub-hosting, or hosting multiple websites on the same unix server. This is a perfect solution to resell if you offer unix hosting as a service to your clients. It's important to note that not all UNIX web hosting providers are the same or as reliable as Verio. We back our unix hosting solutions with a 99.9% uptime guarantee. Plus, our knowledgeable unix hosting support specialists are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to answer your questions. Choose from three different plan options depending on the size of your application or website and the level of technical expertise you have to manage the unix hosting solution.

Starter UNIX Hosting
Basic Web Hosting Plans

Choose from three Basic UNIX hosting plans that include a free web design tool, free online marketing tools and plenty of email accounts and resources for general website needs.

  • Plenty of space to store graphics, photos, video or audio files.
  • Easy to use control panel for managing your website.
  • High data transfer so customers can simultaneously visit, download and engage with your site without slowing it down.
  • Easily install new functionality and applications like WordPress, a photo gallery and more with our free application installer.
  • goMobi add-on now available!

Simple-to-Use Hosting for Business Websites.

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Intermediate UNIX Hosting
FreeBSD VPS Plans

Choose from four Virtual Private Server plans with secure, private space on a larger server. These UNIX hosting plans are perfect for e-commerce, sub-hosting multiple sites or custom applications.

  • Dedicated partition of a larger server for enhanced security.
  • Full access to control users, applications and data [?]
  • Get full access to things you need, while Verio provides advanced management, optimization and hardening of the Kernel, Operating System and physical hardware.
  • Verio handles all security monitoring, backups, server maintenance, licensing, etc.

The Perfect Blend of Control and Support.

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Advanced UNIX Hosting
FreeBSD Dedicated Hosting

Choose from three completely private Dedicated UNIX Hosting plans devoted exclusively to you. Perfect for hosting high-traffic websites or resource demanding applications.

  • Full access to control users, applications and data. [?]
  • Get full access to things you need, while Verio provides advanced management, optimization and hardening of the Kernel, Operating System and physical hardware.
  • Racked & Ready Servers – Pre-configured for quick installs.
  • Verio handles all server maintenance, security and network monitoring, backups, licensing, etc.

Get the Power of a Dedicated Server without the Hassle or Added Costs.

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About Verio

Verio is a leading global provider of web hosting and cloud services. As a part of NTT, one of the world's largest telecommunications companies, we offer the stability businesses need in a long-term technology partner.

Domain Name Registration Verio offers Domain Name Registration. Every domain purchased through Verio includes a FREE 3-page website. Our Web Hosting Plans include FREE design and marketing tools and a FREE domain name to help you start your business online.

VPS Hosting For businesses looking to control costs, but that require higher security and performance, Verio VPS Hosting is ideal. You can rely on it for your high-traffic ecommerce sites, content management systems like WordPress and Joomla, or multisite hosting.

Dedicated Hosting When uptime is critical, Verio Dedicated Hosting provides you with private managed servers that let you focus on your business, test environment or website, while Verio handles the hardware.

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