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Shared Windows® Hosting

Windows Shared Hosting Plans Provide the Perfect Support for Your .Net environment or ASP web pages.

If you are looking for Shared Windows Hosting, consider a Windows-only version of Verio's Basic Web Hosting plans. With these shared Windows hosting options you'll get exactly what you need to support a website developed on the .Net framework, ASP web pages or a Microsoft SQL database. Use your anticipated number of visitors and the average number of pages your website will have to determine the Windows shared hosting plan you need.

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Choose Verio's Windows Shared Hosting, also known as the Windows option of our Basic web hosting plans. We offer three shared Windows hosting plans to support websites developed with Windows technologies like .Net framework or ASP web pages. Windows shared hosting accounts also come with Microsoft SQL database options. The higher level of plan you choose, the more database space you will receive, and the more MS SQL databases you can host.

Plus all shared Windows hosting plans include PHP starter kits. So you can set up a WordPress blog and use other PHP-based applications or a MySQL database with your shared Windows hosting account. Verio's 99.9% uptime guarantee comes with every shared Windows hosting account, as well as 24×7×365 support available via email or phone. Additionally, windows shared hosting accounts come with EasySite – a free website design tool, the ability to submit your website to the search engines with our free marketing tools and the ability to add ecommerce via a ShopSite shopping cart.

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Main Features
Disk space
At Verio we do not apply specific limits to the amount of disk space you can use for website content. The term “Unlimited” or “No Limit” is for content directly related to the site's content and cannot exceed the total available space for your hosting account. Disk space should not to be used for file storage, only website content. You can also include up to 5GB of Multimedia content.
Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Monthly Transfer
This is the amount of data that passes between the server where your website is hosted and your visitors.

How much Transfer do you need? Estimate your average page size w/ graphics MULTIPLIED BY # page views / month.

Example: average page size of 50 KB X 2000 page views per day = 3 GB per month. 1,000 GB = 1 TB

6 TB 8 TB 12 TB
Email Accounts
Email Accounts include POP/IMAP with SSL – TLS, SMTP with SMTP-Auth/Start-TLS, Webmail and Forwards/ Autoresponders
100 250 500
Email Defense Solutions
Email Defense Includes Spam Filtering, Virus Scanning, Whitelisting, Blacklisting, Domain Blocking/ DNS
Dedicated IP Address
A static or dedicated IP address is a specific, unchanging number sequence that is used every time to refer to your website on the Internet. Many hosting providers use a shared IP address or dynamic IP for all the websites on a server. This means that a different IP is assigned each time your website connects to the Internet, and this IP is shared by other sites on the server. If any of those other sites are banned by the search engines or spam lists, your site will be affected and lumped in as one of the offenders.
Podcasting and Gallery Tools
Content Management System and Blogging Tools (Joomla or WordPress)
Additional Email Accounts $1 each
Additional Bandwidth – $5/GB
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