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Ecommerce Web Hosting Empowers You to Easily Expand Your Business Online

Verio's Ecommerce Hosting makes it easy to sell products and services online with bundled packages that feature Verio's award-winning hosting plans, alongside powerful shopping cart software from ShopSite. Our Ecommerce Web Hosting plans make it easy for you to configure and set up a store in minutes with an intuitive browser based user interface that requires no downloads or software installations. You can quickly start selling and collect payments with PayPal™, Google Checkout™, Amazon™ as well as 3rd party payment gateways*. (Click here for recommendations). You can be setup and start selling in less than a day with ecommerce hosting from Verio.

Ecommerce Hosting by Verio — Learn More

If you're ready to begin selling online then it's time to choose one of Verio's ecommerce hosting solutions. We include everything you need to be successful. All ecommerce web hosting plans are packaged with our award-winning Unix hosting plans and ShopSite shopping cart software. Ecommerce hosting has never been easier. You get search-engine friendly store pages, plenty of templates to build your look and feel and intuitive, browser-based interfaces to manage your ecommerce web hosting and online store. Set up your ecommerce hosting now and start making money on the web!

Ecommerce Hosting Plans Include These Powerful Tools for Driving Your Online Business:

FREE 7 Day Trial

  • Free web design and marketing tools for getting your site noticed.
  • Intuitive, browser-based shopping cart interface for easy setup and managing your store from one central location.
  • Automatic generation of mobile-ready pages to give on-the-go users an optimal shopping experience.
  • Flexible store templates, multiple themes and metatag editing – no web design skills needed!
  • Powerful management tools for tracking inventory, maintaining a catalog and hosting images.
  • PAPB/PCI-DSS* certification helps ensure your transactions are safe and secure.
  • Choice of third party Payment Gateway providers – View Verio's Recommended Options.

ShopSite is an online catalog and shopping cart system that is easy to learn, yet extremely powerful. Manage your online store yourself – no technical skills required!

With our ecommerce software and intuitive interface, you can have an online store in as little as 15 minutes.

You get all the features needed to start selling right away – no expensive add-ons necessary!

  • Encourage sharing and following on Facebook and Twitter.
  • Sell your products on Facebook – updates happen automatically on your company profile when you update your store.
  • Use Constant Contact to easily create and manage email marketing campaigns.†
  • Give additional users access with privileges based on their role.
  • Sell products from your existing website with “Order Anywhere” buttons.
Ecommerce Starter
Perfect for merchants just starting out or stores with less than 15 products.

  • 5 Product Pages
  • Up to 15 Products
  • Store Setup Wizard and Layout Themes
  • Real-time Credit Card Processing
  • Collect Payments via PayPal, Google Checkout and Amazon
  • Add Follow on Facebook & Twitter Links
  • Order Anywhere Button
Only $28.95
Ecommerce Manager
Perfect for merchants who need plenty of pages to sell lots of products with mobile-ready pages.
Includes all the features of Starter plans, plus:
  • Unlimited Product Pages
  • Unlimited Products
  • On-sale Module
  • Advanced Editing Capability
  • Automatic Generation of Mobile-ready Pages
  • Share on Facebook and Twitter
  • Create Marketing Campaigns with Constant Contact
  • Track Performance with Google Analytics
  • Let Multiple Users Manage Your Store
  • Order Transfer to QuickBooks®
  • Real Time FedEx®, UPS® & USPS shipping quotes
Only $44.95
Ecommerce Pro
Everything You Need! Perfect for serious merchants who need the most complete cart featuring Facebook integration, coupons, inventory tracking, digital downloads & more.
Includes all the features of Starter & Manager plans, plus:
  • Sell Products From Your Company Facebook Page
  • Sell Digital Downloads and Products
  • Offer Digital Coupons & Discounts
  • Leverage API’s for Orders, Inventory Tracking and Shipping
  • Offer Gift Certificates
  • Inventory Control and Tracking
  • Offer Customer Rewards and Registration
  • Product Search
  • Full HTML and XML Setup
  • Barcode Scanner Support
  • Give Additional Users Access Based on Their Role
Only $74.95

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† You will need to setup an account with Constant Contact to take advantage of this feature. Constant Contact may require you to pay a subscription fee for their service.

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Store Building Tools
# of Product Pages 5 Unlimited Unlimited
# of Products Up to 15 Unlimited Unlimited
Browser-based Interface More
To use ShopSite, all you need is a Web browser. With your Web browser, you administer your store using ShopSite's intuitive user interface. Because you don't need to load any software onto your PC, you can update prices, view orders, or add products to your store from any computer with Web access.
Store Setup Wizard More
The first time you use ShopSite, the ShopSite Storebuilding Wizard will help you enter products, create pages, and set up your store for commerce. Within a few minutes you can have a simple store ready to take orders.
Basic/Advanced Editing More
Once you have gone through the storebuilding wizard, ShopSite gives you the option to continue in a wizard-like interface, or to jump into an advanced editing mode where you have access to all the ShopSite features. In either case, ShopSite's intuitive interface will make editing your catalog as easy as possible.
Context-Sensitive Help More
Even the easiest programs take some getting used to. If you are ever in a bind, context-sensitive ShopSite help is never more than a click away. Simply click on the “?” on any page and you will be whisked to information on the topic at hand. You can navigate the help table of contents, find topics in the index, or use the help search feature to locate just the information that you need.
Search Engine Friendly HTML Pages More
ShopSite's Pages and product More Info Pages are designed with Search Engine Optimization in mind. ShopSite Manager and Pro stores include the option to specify unique title text, META keywords, and META descriptions for each page or product More Info Page.
Commerce-Enable Existing Web Sites More
The OrderAnywhere feature makes it easy to integrate ShopSite with an existing Web site. Simply add your products to ShopSite, then use OrderAnywhere to generate Add To Cart buttons which you can add to any web page. You can use the Order Anywhere Wizard to guide you through the process of configuring ShopSite and placing Order buttons on your website.
HTML Editor More
ShopSite's HTML Editor allows you to edit text fields using a word processor-like interface. Visually apply formatting and styles to your content, and the HTML Editor will automatically convert it into browser-friendly HTML.
Flexible Store Templates More
More advanced users will appreciate ShopSite's flexible page templates. Unlike Page Layout Themes, which create the overall look of your page, page templates set the basic structure of the page, but let you determine what colors, graphics, or other objects are placed in the different page elements.
Visual Color Selection Tool More
ShopSite lets merchants set colors for text, links, and backgrounds throughout the store. A frame around the color-code box in the back office lets merchants preview the selected color, with a color-wheel selection tool in a pop-up window.
Automatic Generation of Mobile-ready Pages More
Using dynamically generated pages, customers accessing your site with their mobile devices can now use the new mobile-friendly interface to browse and shop at a merchant's store.
Multiple Image and Thumbnail Support More
Merchants can display up to 20 images on their product more info page. The images can be thumbnails that display a larger image as you move your mouse over the thumbnail.
Page Preview More
When building store pages, merchants using ShopSite Pro can now preview pages before publishing them to the live store. If the page still needs a little tweaking, the merchant can make changes and preview the page again until it is satisfactory. Customers will not see the changes until the store is published.
Custom Template Upload and Edit More
Custom templates are great for having complete control over a store's look and feel. ShopSite Pro and Manager lets you upload templates right into the back office, where you can apply them to your store, and even make changes.
Copy Pages and Products More
Save time when adding new pages or products to a ShopSite store by copying one that already exists. ShopSite Manager and Pro stores let merchants copy an existing page or product and then change only the parts that are different.
Advanced Image Handling/ Resizing More
The advanced image handling in ShopSite lets merchants create image subdirectories and organize images and other media. You can select images from easy drop-down lists, or use the more powerful popup window to navigate and select images. ShopSite also includes a utility to Resize Images, and Manager and Pro merchants can configure Automatic Thumbnail Generation. Merchants can upload multiple images at once. IE users get a new flash interface for the upload. This multipule image upload functionality was added in ShopSite version 10 sp1.
Automatic Multiple Page Generation More
If you have a lot of products that belong on the same page because they're similar, you don't want your customers to have to scroll and scroll and scroll to see the entire page. Simply tell ShopSite how many products to put on each page, and ShopSite will automatically create the number of pages needed.
Custom Page Extensions More
Advanced Web developers will enjoy ShopSite's Custom Page feature. With this feature, designers can embed ShopSite database calls into an HTML page. This allows you the flexibility of customizing a page to your hearts content, while affording you the easy maintenance of a database-driven site.

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Store Management Tools
Store Statistics More
In order for your business to be as successful as possible, you need to be able to quickly evaluate and react to your stores traffic. ShopSite makes it easy to get a snapshot of your stores success. Using just your browser, you can get detailed reports on sales, page hits, traffic summaries, as well as reports on where customers are coming from as they enter your site.
Notes on Orders More
Merchants can annotate the orders to provide special instructions to those handling the orders.
Mobile Support More
Access the back office from a mobile device and view a mini dashboard that can display order information, recent sales figures, and top customers.
Packing Slips More
Order fulfilment is made easier with ShopSite's packing slips. The packing slips contain all the order details except the billing information. Packing Slips can have customizable headers and footers, an option whether or not to display prices, even product images can be displayed on the order detail page and on packing slips.
Secure Order Management More
ShopSite makes it easy to view your orders securely from any computer–all you need is a browser.
Merchant Notification of Orders More
Want to keep tabs on your online business? ShopSite makes it easy for you. Every time a customer places an order, ShopSite can send you an e-mail message containing the order information.
Automatic Customer Receipts More
Have you ever placed an order at an online store, only to be left wondering if they really received your order? It's not a pretty picture. ShopSite makes it easy to ensure your customers aren't left in the dark. As soon as a customer places an order at your store, she receives an e-mail receipt for the order. The receipt can be either plain text or HTML format. And since you can customize the e-mail receipt, you can include information on additional customer service, promotions, etc.
Data Import Wizard More
You've got a thousand products stored in an offline database. Re-keying those products into your online store could take a lot of time–and money. ShopSite makes it easy to get those products into your store. Simply save the products in tab-delimited file (any database or spreadsheet will do this), and use ShopSite's upload wizard to import the data into your store. Within a few minutes, a thousand products are part of your online store. You can upload product information using Microsoft Excel (.xls) spreadsheets in ShopSite version 10 sp1 and later.
Order Download into QuickBooks (tab-delimited) More
Are you using Intuit QuickBooks to manage your business? ShopSite can easily download order information in QuickBooks for Windows format (IIF file) so that you can track sales and profits right in your accounting system.
Google Analytics Integration More
ShopSite can automatically include Google Analytics tracking code on your store pages and Shopping Cart screens. You can use Google Analytics to track customer activity on your site, including purchases.
Barcode Scanner Support More
ShopSite can now create barcodes for products that can be used for order handling and packing slips.
Searchable Products and Pages Database More
ShopSite Pro makes managing large sites easier with a merchant Page Search feature, which makes finding the page you're looking for quick and easy. You have 500 tools in your store. You need to update the description of one drill. ShopSite makes it easy to find just the record you are looking for. Using ShopSite, you can search through the names, SKUs, product descriptions, etc. in your store to find that one product you need.
Inventory Tracking More
Want to keep track of sales so that you'll know when to reorder products? How about limiting sales so that you don't oversell a limited-edition product or one that you don't want to reorder? ShopSite's inventory tracking module can do that for you, and can even send you e-mail messages when stock of a product is low or out. It also can prevent customers from ordering a product that is out of stock.
Customer Registration More
Customers can register at ShopSite Pro stores to make ordering quicker and easier. ShopSite remembers customers, including preferred payment methods and previous “ship to” addresses. Merchants can assign customers to different customer groups, and give each group it's own coupons for discounts to entice customers back to the store or to reward regular customers.

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Marketing / Merchandising Tools
Follow on Facebook/Twitter More
Keep your customers in the loop through social media and attract followers by providing links so that customers can follow your store on Facebook or Twitter.
Opt-In E-Mail Marketing More
Want to keep in touch with those customers after they complete a purchase? ShopSite merchants can add a checkbox to the order form so that customers can request to be added to the store's e-mail list. The checkbox can be checked or unchecked by default.
All Catalog Pages Indexable By Search Engines More
ShopSite's Pages and product More Info Pages are designed with Search Engine Optimization in mind. ShopSite Manager and Pro stores include the option to specify unique title text, META keywords, and META descriptions for each page or product More Info Page.
Constant Contact More
Constant Contact support allows you to manage your email and newsletter lists and campaigns for effective marketing to your customers.
Wishlist More
Integration with wishpot.com now provides your customers with access to wish lists and gift registries.
Put Products On Sale More
Displaying sale items with ShopSite is a breeze. You simply enter the sale price (or % off regular price) and voila, ShopSite displays the regular price, the sale price, and can even display a customizable “on sale” graphic.
Google Product Search (formerly Froogle/Google Base) More
ShopSite merchants can submit product information to Google Product Search (formerly called Froogle or Google Base), where potential customers can find the products when searching with Google.
eBay Turbo Lister Support More
Selling your products on eBay is even easier, as you can now export your products in an eBay Turbo Lister format.
Google Sitemaps More
ShopSite can automatically create a Google Sitemap to tell Google and other compatible search engines what you want them to know about the pages on your Web site.
Tell A Friend Links More
Draw customers to your store by letting customers tell their friends about your products. Store Pages and Product More Info Pages can have links that allow visitors to send an acquaintance an E-mail containing a short message and a link to the page.
Share With Friends More
“Share With A Friend” is the upgraded feature for the “Tell A Friend” feature. Recent integration with addthis.com allows your customers to share their shopping experiences on popular social networking sites such as Facebook and MySpace.
Facebook Store and Facebook Connect with Customer Registration More
Allow your customers to use their Facebook account to register with your store.
Share on Facebook/Twitter More
Leverage the advertising potential of social media by providing links for customers to share information about the pages they visit or the products they buy on Facebook and Twitter!
Product Cross-sell in Shopping Cart/More Pages/Store Pages More
When a customer adds a product to the shopping cart, related products can be displayed on the shopping cart screen. Merchants can configure display settings and assign cross-sell products to be displayed when a specific product is added to the shopping cart.
Facebook Store and Connect More
Allow your customers to shop for select products while visiting your company Facebook site.
Customer Reward Program More
Reward loyal customers and encourage new customers with rewards such as “buy 10 get 1 free” or “buy two pairs of shoes, get a free pair of socks”. Rewards can be set up per-order, or over time for registered customers.
Gift Certificates More
Gift Certificates are the ideal solution when you're looking for a gift for that hard to shop for friend or relative. Now customers can buy and redeem gift certificates in your online store. ShopSite Pro Merchants have complete control of what types of certificates to offer, and how they look.
Customer Registration More
Customers can register at ShopSite Pro stores to make ordering quicker and easier. ShopSite remembers customers, including preferred payment methods and previous “ship to” addresses. Merchants can assign customers to different customer groups, and give each group it's own coupons for discounts to entice customers back to the store or to reward regular customers.
Digital Coupons More
ShopSite digital coupons allow a merchant to provide discounts to entice new shoppers and reward loyal shoppers. You can send coupon links in e-mail advertisements and can offer discounts like “10% Off”, “Save $5 on your order”, or even “Free Shipping!”. Coupons can be linked to individual products, or to everything the shopper buys, and can even be assigned to specific registered customer groups.
Digital Downloads/Digital products More
ShopSite Pro lets you sell software and documents that customers can download right after they complete the purchase. They can either click the product name right on the receipt, or receive the link via e-mail. While making it easy for you (no shipping!), ShopSite protects your files from unauthorized access.
Product Quantity Discounts More
Reward customers for buying in volume by offering product quantity discounts. One or two may be good, but 10 or 20 is bettter (and cheaper)!
Order Discounts More
Do you want to encourage customers to purchase more at your site? With ShopSite's discount calculation module, it's easy. Simply specify a given discount for various total purchase amounts and ShopSite does the rest for you.

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† You will need to setup an account with Constant Contact to take advantage of this feature. Constant Contact may require you to pay a subscription fee for their service.

View Verio's Recommended Options for Third Party Payment Gateway Providers.

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Secure and Reliable
PABP/PCI-DSS Certification More
ShopSite version 11, 10 and 8 have been certified as a PABP/PCI-DSS compliant application. Merchants who configure ShopSite according to the PCI Security Practices guidelines can be confident that the credit card and order information is safe and secure.
Orders Stored Encrypted On Server More
Customer billing information such as credit card numbers are stored using modern data encryption techniques, including AES and Merchant (public/private) Keys, to help prevent any unauthorized access to customer information.
Order System Tracking More
The Order Access Tracking System keeps a log of activity in your Order system, including a computer ID cookie1 file so you know who has been looking at your orders and what has been done. Order tracking information is stored for a full year, using an automatically-rotating log system.
Merchant Security Status Indicator More
ShopSite displays merchant security status information on the Orders page to ensure merchants are aware of how protected the payment information is.
High Security Image More
Merchants who meet all the High Security Status requirements can display a “ShopSite Highest Security” status image on store pages and shopping cart screens to improve customer confidence.
CVV2 Fraud Protection More
Everyone wants to protect against fraud on the Internet, and ShopSite lets you do something about it. Merchants can request or require that customers enter the CVV2 value printed on the back of most credit cards, which helps to ensure that the customer actually has the card and that the number is valid.
Google Checkout, PayPal, &WorldPay Fraud Protection More
ShopSite protects merchants from fraud by preventing malicious attempts to modify payment information for Google, PayPal, and WorldPay payments. Merchants are notified if order information is altered on the remote payment site.
Verified By Visa for PayFlow Pro More
PayPal PayFlow Pro (formerly Verisign) payment gateway in ShopSite supports the Verified By Visa program.
PayFlow Pro Fraud Control More
ShopSite passes the information required by the PayPal PayFlow Pro Fraud Control system, allowing merchants to participate in the program.
Human Order Validation More
Many hackers use scripts to test stolen credit card information in online shopping carts. The Human Verification Image prevents scripts from using your shopping cart by requiring the shopper to input information from a non-computer readable image.
Option to not store Credit Card numbers More
Merchants using real-time credit card processing gateways can configure ShopSite not to store credit card numbers to prevent any possibility of customer credit card information being stolen from the ShopSite store.
User Accounts More
Merchants can manage and track individual user access to the back office. Pro stores can additionally restrict individual user permissions as needed to specific roles.
Support for 3rd Party Applications More
This feature standardizes the way third-party applications use ShopSite’s APIs and allows you to better manage which third party applications have access to your ShopSite store.
User Account Roles More
Merchants can restrict individual user permissions in the back office as needed to specific roles.

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† Certification for this product is provided by a third-party provider and does not provide you with your own PAPB/PCI-DSS Certification. Your own PAPB/PCI-DSS Certification may require the use of a third-party payment gateway.

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Commerce Tools
Configurable Payment Types More
ShopSite includes a wide variety of payment methods you can accept. These include major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, etc.), several popular online payment methods (Google Checkout, PayPal, World Pay, NetBanx), or even the ability to use your own customized payment method.
Real-time credit card processing More
Do you want to process credit cards on the fly? You can easily configure ShopSite to work with any of several payment gateways, which means that your customers can pay quickly and easily, which can lead to more sales.
Google Checkout More
ShopSite's integrated Google Checkout support makes it easy to start taking payments using Google Checkout.
PayPal More
Merchants can configure ShopSite Pro, Manager, and Starter stores to let customer pay through PayPal. PayPal allows merchants to accept credit card payments without the need for a merchant account, plus shoppers can pay with funds from a bank account or other source. PayPal also supports international payments, and is available in over 35 countries.
PayPal Website Payments Pro More
ShopSite supports PayPal’s new payment system offering, which allows merchants with PayPal accounts to accept credit card or PayPal payments to their PayPal account without leaving the ShopSite shopping cart.
Amazon Checkout More
Checkout by Amazon is supported as a payment option.
Accept eCheck Payments More
ShopSite includes integrated support for processing eCheck payments in real-time using Authorize.Net or ACH Direct Payments Gateway. Merchants who want to accept electronic check payments can use one of the compatible real-time payment gateways and allow customers to enter checking account information on the checkout screen.
Accept Check Payments More
If you accept physical checks, you can choose to display your mailing address on the billing screen or collect a check's routing and account numbers.
Numerous Payment Gateways support More
A payment gateway can help secure your transactions. Choose from Braintree, ACH Direct Payments, NetBanx, PSiGate, WorldPay and YourPay.
YourPay Payment Method More
YourPay is another real-time credit card payment processing system available to ShopSite merchants.
Flexible Tax Options More
Taxes–the bane of our existence. Especially when we have to calculate and track them. Well, ShopSite makes it easy to calculate taxes due, without a lot of headache. ShopSite has also partnered with Ava Tax (in ShopSite version 10 sp1) to provide you with on-the-fly and up-to-date tax calculations.
Value Added Tax (VAT/GST) More
ShopSite has a built-in interface for calculating Value Added Tax. VAT rates will be calculated for each product based off the product VAT category and the customer's country and postal code.
ZIP/Postal Code-Based Tax Calculation More
ShopSite Pro and ShopSite Manager stores can calculate tax based on customer ZIP/postal codes and a merchant-supplied rate table. You're assured of always collecting the tax rate that you set for the customer's shipping address.
Flexible Shipping and Handling Options More
ShopSite makes it easy to configure shipping and handling options based on any number of methods. You can choose multiple shipping methods based on the shipment company (UPS, your local postal service, Albatross Air, etc.) and the shipment method (per product, by total weight, by flat rate, etc.). You can apply shipping charges on a per-product or per-order basis (or both) either as fixed charges or based on the order subtotal, shipping weight, number of products, or shipping charges. You can even provide shipping box dimensions for dimensional weight calculations.
Recurring Billing with Authorize.Net More
With Authorize.net, you can now provide subscription-based services to your customers as well as other products that use a recurring billing model.
buySAFE Bonding More
buySAFE was recently embedded as a feature in ShopSite. When you display the buySAFE Seal, it is an explicit endorsement of your trustworthiness and reliability – and buySAFE’s willingness to guarantee their shoppers’ purchases. buySAFE is the fastest growing trust solution amongst small and medium sized online retailers and has already guaranteed more online purchases than any company in the world.
Real-time USPS, Fedex and UPS Shipping Quotes, Rates and services More
ShopSite lets your customers choose UPS shipping services and see real UPS shipping rates right in the shopping cart! No need for customers to fill out information and click their way through a tedious order form just to find out shipping costs, which means more completed orders. ShopSite can even send real-time shipping quotes to Google Checkout.
Free Shipping More
When you want to give your customers that extra incentive to place an order, “Free Shipping!” is often just the thing! ShopSite lets you mark individual products as having no shipping charge, and you can configure free shipping for entire orders based on the order value. You can restrict free shipping to certain countries, and you can exclude certain Zip codes, such as Alaska or Hawaii.
Product and Order Handling Charges More
ShopSite merchants can include handling charges, which are added to the shipping costs to pay for things such as packaging materials. Handling charges can be applied per-product or for the whole shopping cart.
Selectable Surcharges More
Want to charge extra for orders being shipped overseas? For gift-wrapping? How about for special handling services? Whatever your need, ShopSite's handy surcharge feature makes it easy to cover those extra costs, or offer an additional service.
Included with Commerce Tools
Hosting Disk Space (Website Info Pages, Images, Media, etc.) More
Disk space is the amount of space you are provided for website content, images, shopping cart pages and web pages directly related to your account.
5 GB 10 GB 20 GB
Data Transfer More
This is the amount of data that passes between the server where your website is hosted and your visitors.

How much Transfer do you need? Estimate your average page size w/ graphics MULTIPLIED BY # page views / month.

Example: average page size of 50 KB X 2000 page views per day = 3 GB per month. 1,000 GB = 1 TB

6 TB 8 TB 12 TB
Number of Email Accounts with Spam Filtering and Virus Protection 250 250 500
# of Product Pages 5 unlimited unlimited
# of Products up to 15 unlimited unlimited

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* Verio does not provide PAPB/PCI-DSS Certification for our customers. It is our customers' responsibility to ensure that they are compliant. Verio does not recommend that customers store payment information directly on Verio's servers, and customers do so at their own risk.
Nothing on this web page should be construed to constitute professional advice or a formal recommendation.

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