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Dedicated Web Hosting Delivers the Security of Your Own Server

Verio's Dedicated Hosting solutions deliver a completely private server that's perfect for businesses that need reliability and the peace of mind that comes with knowing you are the only one on the server. With dedicated web hosting solutions you control the applications, while Verio handles the day-to-day server software licensing and maintenance. Skip the hassle of trying to manage everything yourself. Choose a dedicated hosting solution that's perfect for large applications and multiple websites (subhosting), as a database server or other dedicated use.

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When you choose a Dedicated Hosting solution from Verio, you get your own individual server for hosting more confidential information, large websites or ecommerce applications and databases. With dedicated web hosting you won't spend hours managing server software, connectivity or troubleshooting hardware problems. Verio takes care of all that for you. Instead, dedicated hosting allows you to focus on your applications and core business objectives. Power your applications with our dedicated web hosting to get everything you need for your applications, and nothing you don't. Dedicated web hosting is truly a dedicated server without the hassles of maintenance or the costs associated with buying your own hardware, heating and cooling, power or network connectivity. Verio's technology experts handle the infrastructure on your behalf. We offer three different dedicated hosting products that deliver the optimum security and reliability. Choose the operating system that will best meet your needs including Windows Dedicated Hosting, Dedicated Linux cPanel Hosting, Dedicated Linux Hosting or FreeBSD Dedicated Hosting.

Dedicated Linux Hosting

Choose from three completely private Dedicated Linux Hosting plans devoted exclusively to you. Includes the flexibility to host demanding applications and websites.

  • Complete server access to the things you need [?]
  • Get complete access to the things you need like configuration files and server logs, while Verio provides advanced management, optimization and hardening of the Kernel, Operating System and physical hardware.
  • Ready-to-go platform based directly on industry standards.
  • Verio handles all server maintenance, security and network monitoring, backups, licensing, etc.

Get the Power of a Dedicated Server without the Hassle.

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Dedicated Linux cPanel Hosting

Get the flexibility and simplified administration of cPanel in one of three managed private server plans. Quickly and easily integrate websites with advanced features like blogs, ecommerce and databases.

  • Pre-packaged applications installed, just point and click to install more.
  • Ready-to-go platform for multisite hosting.
  • Get application updates automatically from software providers.
  • Verio manages all physical hardware, network monitoring, licensing and platform security.

Advanced Functionality Combined with the Value of Simplified Administration.

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Dedicated Windows Hosting

Choose from three, fully scalable Dedicated Windows Hosting plans that provide a private environment for your Windows application – complete with server maintenance, updates, upgrades and full compatibility with Microsoft Technologies.

  • Software Development Tools Included.
  • Easy to Manage Server – Perfect for multi-site Hosting.
  • Verio handles all server maintenance, security, monitoring, backups, licensing, etc.
  • Featuring NEW SEO and Local Search Tools

Focus on Your Windows Applications – not the Server Details.

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Need Less Space But Equal the Management and Privacy?

Consider a VPS Hosting Solution that combines the perks of a private server at an affordable cost. View VPS Hosting Plans


Looking for FreeBSD Dedicated Hosting?

We also offer IPv6 enabled Dedicated Hosting on the FreeBSD Operating System. View FreeBSD Dedicated Hosting Plans

About Verio

Verio is a leading global provider of web hosting and cloud services. As a part of NTT, one of the world's largest telecommunications companies, we offer the stability businesses need in a long-term technology partner.

Domain Name Registration Verio offers Domain Name Registration. Every domain purchased through Verio includes a FREE 3-page website. Our Web Hosting Plans include FREE design and marketing tools and a FREE domain name to help you start your business online.

VPS Hosting For businesses looking to control costs, but that require higher security and performance, Verio VPS Hosting is ideal. You can rely on it for your high-traffic ecommerce sites, content management systems like WordPress and Joomla, or multisite hosting.

Dedicated Hosting When uptime is critical, Verio Dedicated Hosting provides you with private managed servers that let you focus on your business, test environment or website, while Verio handles the hardware.

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