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VerioMail – Powered by Zimbra®

VerioMail VerioMail Makes it Easy to Share Documents, Calendars, Contacts with Colleagues Inside and Outside Your Organization

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VerioMail & Business Collaboration Tools from Verio

VerioMail is an innovative collaboration and messaging application that features a unified system for email, shared calendars, document collaboration, file sharing, tasks, social media and contact management. Verio is proud to offer VerioMail powered by Zimbra with an intuitive interface and great features that improve productivity and make it easy to manage email and collaborate with other colleagues. VerioMail dramatically improves the way people manage and organize their email work flow by allowing single-location access to multiple email accounts and other great features. VerioMail comes in two options: Starter plans that offer reliable VerioMail with standard features, and Professional versions of VerioMail that come fully-loaded with great features like mobile device synchronization and more.

VerioMail Powered by Zimbra — Learn More

Built using open-source technology, the powerful VerioMail AJAX interface delivers a robust, user experience. You can access VerioMail via a web browser like Firefox, Safari or Internet Explorer. VerioMail also offers a feature-rich, desk-top client that includes tight integration with Microsoft Outlook and support for other popular email programs like Eudora, Entourage and Apple mail. So you can keep the same email experience you're used to while leveraging new features like the ability to manage 3rd party email accounts like Gmail or Hotmail from one centralized VerioMail interface. Our hosted VerioMail Professional plan also supports smart phone and mobile devices, making it easy to synchronize mail, calendars and contacts while on the go. VerioMail email is an affordable email and collaboration.


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Save Time, Collaborate and Stay Organized with Professional Plans

  • Anywhere, anytime access to email, documents, calendars & contacts – updated over-the-air in real time whether you use your desktop, laptop or mobile device.
  • Access multiple email accounts, calendars and contact lists in one place – including personal vs. business contacts and appointments.
  • Easily view and organize email and attachments using a fast messaging platform that includes drag and drop functionality, document and HTML rendering and sorting by themes.
  • Find what you need faster using an advanced search tool built right into your mailbox.
  • Check availability and schedule meetings instantly – plus book resources and meeting rooms.
  • Share documents, spreadsheets and presentations from your email with colleagues inside and outside of your organization – without purchasing additional software!
  • Share business calendars and address books while hiding personal ones.

Features of All VerioMail Plans:

  • Configure spam sensitivity and specify spam quarantine and kill thresholds with the touch of a mouse.
  • Powerful and easy-to-use interface and industry-leading email features.
  • It’s fast and efficient — large inboxes are easy to manage with saved searches and search preferences.
  • Consolidate contacts under one interface — import and export address lists from Outlook, Gmail and more.
  • Seamlessly increase your plan as your business grows — switch to a Professional plan with the click of a mouse.

Special Features of Professional Plans

  • Automatic Synchronization — Calendars, contacts and email are updated over-the-air in real time whether you use your desktop, laptop or mobile device.
  • Manage Your Business From One Central Location — Easily manage multiple email accounts, contact lists and calendars from one powerful interface.
  • Access from Computers and Mobile Devices — VerioMail works with web-enabled Windows, Linux or Mac devices and smart phones using Apple iSync.
  • Continuous Enhancements — We strive to constantly improve your VerioMail experience. Enhance workflow with Social Media integration, translation and other great, built-in tools.
  • Fast messaging platform — Save time with drag and drop capability, advanced search and document and HTML rendering.
  • Advanced Search Capabilities — Search contents of attachments and similar themes with targeted key words.
  • Built-in Native Collaboration Tools — It's easy to share documents, spreadsheets and presentations without buying additional software.
  • Powerful and easy-to-use interface — Managing your business is simple with advanced search including contents of attachments and similar themes, the ability to share calendars and contacts with colleagues.
  • Share Business Address Books and Calendars While Hiding Personal Ones — Save time while you keep your information separate and organized in one location.
  • View free-busy times and schedule rooms and resources.


Select a mailbox plan from the Overview tab to get started. Add more mailboxes in the shopping cart as you check out.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why would I choose this over my standard Outlook, Exchange, Entourage or other email program?
The VerioMail application is available anytime, anywhere and from any operating system. Meaning you can access your email, contacts and calendars from your Linux desktop and turn around and access them from Internet Explorer say, on your laptop and if you have selected a Professional plan you can view everything via your iPhone. Plus you can integrate email from other 3rd party providers that use POP mail or IMAP.

What types of 3rd party accounts and email addresses can I integrate?
You can integrate 3rd party accounts from email services providing POP3 or IMAP4 access including Yahoo! Mail, Gmail, Windows Live Mail, AOL mail or Microsoft Exchange with IMAP.

What plan do I need?
Choose a plan based on how you want to share information and access your contacts, calendars and mail. The Starter plan addresses basic business email communication needs and is perfect for keeping all of your information in one location. Send and receive mail and manage other third party email accounts directly from one interface.

The Professional plan lets you schedule team meetings, share contacts with other users, separate personal meetings from business ones and adds search capabilities. The Professional plan also lets you fully collaborate with other colleagues with real-time calendar updates, shared calendars, contacts, documents. Synchronize mail, contacts, global address books, tasks, and calendars with Outlook or your mobile device.

How can I migrate my information from Microsoft® Exchange? What happens to my current contacts and messages?
There is a Wizard that will help you migrate your email, contacts and calendar to new VerioMail accounts.

Can I get my email on my phone? What phones are supported by VerioMail Mobile?
Yes. Professional plans make it easy to access everything from your mobile device. Android, all Windows Mobile 5 devices like iPhone, Symbian S60 and S80 devices like the Nokia E-series, Palm devices like the Treo 700P should sync with applications that come natively with these devices, but some may require a 3rd party plugin.

What browser can I use?
Firefox 1.5+ on PC, Mac and Linux, Internet Explorer 6+ on PC and Safari 2.0+ on Mac.

Can I set up multiple contact lists and calendars?
Yes. With Professional plans you can set up personal contact lists, appointments and folders within one account as well as ones related to business activities. Specific features vary by plan so please review the feature list before selecting your plan.

How quickly can I set up my VerioMail service?
Once you sign up you can immediately begin setting up mailboxes for users directly from an easy to use administration console.

How much storage is available for mailboxes and public folders?
VerioMail Professional plans offer 25 GB of storage for mail and shared folder data. Starter plans offer 1 GB of storage.

Do I need a domain name to implement VerioMail?
Yes, you can register a domain as part of the sign up process or use an existing domain name that you already own. Simply follow the instruction for pointing your MX record to Verio.

If my hard drive crashes do I lose all of my data?
All data that is synced data would be available for download again (i.e. data still in your mailboxes on the server). Local data would not be available. This is data that you might move to Local Folders or any folders where you have sync turned off. To protect yourself, we recommend you back up your mailbox data – especially local data periodically as a precaution. This can be done from the interface.

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