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Ting Mobile Phone Service

98% of people would save money with Ting. That’s because we do mobile differently.

We don’t believe in locking you into a contract or making you pick a plan. We don’t believe in overages or penalties. We believe there’s a better way to do mobile.

Limited Time Offer: Verio customers get $25 off their first order.*

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What is Ting?

A new mobile phone service that brings clarity, usability and significant monthly savings to your small business.

How to get started:

We want you to come to Ting. We don’t care how you get here. Choose from our selection of new or used devices or bring an inactive Sprint device† and activate it with Ting.

Option 1: Buy a new phone Option 2: Buy a used phone Option 3: Bring your own phone

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We’ve got tools to give you control.

With the Ting online account dashboard and the official Ting Android app, we give you the tools you need to take complete control of your account, your usage and ultimately, your bill.

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† Not all devices containing the Sprint trademark are eligible; please contact Ting to determine eligibility. Specific restrictions and exclusions apply. Some features of the device may not function properly when activated with Ting. Please ask Ting about any limitations. Sprint is a trademark of Sprint.

4 Reasons Why Ting is Great For Businesses.

  1. Smart, accessible people
    When mobile service means business, you need immediate access to capable problem solvers. You need geek-powered support.
  2. Superior management tools
    Our control panel was designed with an administrator in mind, offering extraordinary visibility into and control over your mobile use.
  3. A better business plan
    The key to saving with Ting is only paying for what you use. Our rates reduce waste and conform to your needs each month.
  4. Unlimited devices, one account
    Simpler management and huge savings with all your devices pooling minutes, messages and megabytes at great rates.

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* This Ting Promotional Credit is provided directly by Ting and is not provided by Verio. This offer is open only to new Ting Customers who contact Ting through the affiliate link above or directly at the information provided below. This offer is not available with any other plan, although participants may purchase additional services at the regular price for that service. This offer provides you with a $25.00 credit on your Ting service. If you purchase a new device directly from Ting, the $25.00 credit will be applied to your purchase price. If you purchase a refurbished/used device or bring an eligible sprint device to Ting, the $25.00 will be added to your account as a service credit. This credit is non-transferable, cannot be used towards future device purchases and has no cash value. Limit one use per customer. This offer may not be combined with any other offers or discounts, separated, redeemed for cash, or transferred. Please contact Ting directly with any comments, questions, or concerns regarding this offer.

Ting’s Direct Contact Information follows. If you contact Ting directly, you must reference this offer in order to receive a promotional credit:

96 Mowat Avenue
Toronto, ON M6K 3M1

Please note that Ting is a division of Tucows.

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