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goMobi™ by Verio

Today, more people access the Internet through a mobile device than a PC. Mobile-friendly sites are being ranked higher by search engines. Make sure your site is optimized for mobile, to improve search engine rankings and reach more customers.


Available for $5.99/month with Verio Web Hosting packages.

GoMobi is available with no monthly contract on select Verio web hosting packages. Choose the hosting plan that best suits your needs.

goMobi™ is loaded with features and tools that make it easy to set up and manage your mobile web site, drive traffic to it, and give your customers the tools they need to do business with you.

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  • Create and customize your mobile site quickly with professional-looking templates and an easy to use Setup Assistant.
  • Use the built-in shopping cart with support for PayPal and Google Checkout to sell your products to mobile device users.
  • Pull key information like company name, address and other basic content from your regular website to pre-populate editable copy and reduce setup time.
  • Offer coupons, maps, directions, reservations and more.
  • Choose from several language options to set up and manage your goMobi™ site including English, Japanese, Spanish, French, Brazilian-Portuguese, Dutch, Chinese and German.
  • Display photos, videos and business and product reviews easily.
  • Get tips for using and setting up each feature in your goMobi™ site.
  • Quickly add and remove features, and adjust look and feel of the site at any time.
  • Enjoy customizing capabilities for more advanced users – upload custom icons, set colors by color code, enable visitors to bookmark your site on their home screen and much more.
  • Use built-in analytics to track where visitors go on your site, their profile and traffic sources.
  • No monthly contract.
goMobi™ is available for $5.99/month with Verio Web Hosting packages.

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Take advantage of a variety of powerful web site tools to engage your mobile visitors:

  • About Us – tell users more about your business.
  • Reviews – display your reviews and testimonials from Yelp or FourSquare.
  • Opening Hours – display your hours of operation and easily edit for holidays or special events.
  • Smartphone Bookmark Icon – Upload a bookmark icon that customers can use on their smartphone home screen.
  • Products and Services Sections – highlight your offerings and sell products easily via your goMobi™ web site.
  • Photos and Videos – Display photos and videos to showcase your storefront, products and services.
  • News – share important info and special events with site visitors.
  • Blog – share stories and tips for using your product/service.
  • Custom Content – add a custom page or upload your own custom-designed icons to highlight additional content.
goMobi™ is available for $5.99/month with Verio Web Hosting packages.

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Get these easy-to-use goMobi™ web site functions to convert visitors into customers.

  • Call Us – Easy, one-click access to your contact information.
  • Find Us – Easy, one-click access Google map and directions to your locations.
  • Reservations – Allow customers to make reservations online via an emailable form or link directly thru a 3rd-party booking site like OpenTable.
  • Coupons – Quickly and easily provide special offers for mobile visitors.
  • Shopping Cart – Create a shopping cart of products to sell and use PayPal or Google Checkout to process payments.
  • Call Back – Allow customers to easily enter their contact info so you can contact them.
  • Leave a Message – Provide a quick way for interested customers to connect with you with a single click.
  • Forms – a simple way for customers to request more information and provide their contact information.
  • Information Updates – customers can opt-in to receive additional information from you. And you can determine how you want to receive their data.
  • Tell-a-Friend – Allows visitors to easily share your info via Email, Twitter and Facebook.
  • Social Networking – Customers can connect with you via Facebook, Twitter and more.
goMobi™ is available for $5.99/month with Verio Web Hosting packages.

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goMobi™ provides a variety of useful tools to drive traffic to your mobile web site.

  • Search Engine Optimization – Get tools to help improve your visibility and increase traffic.
  • Traffic Stats – Track where visitors go on your site, see their profile and traffic sources with built-in analytics or easily incorporate Google Analytics.
  • Add 3rd-party Advertising – Generate new revenue from your mobile website with the addition of advertising content.
  • QR Code/Marketing Tools – goMobi™ lets you integrate mobile and print marketing campaigns with easy-to-build QR code tools for promotions, coupons, and other information about your business.
goMobi™ is available for $5.99/month with Verio Web Hosting packages.

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To view a complete list of more than 3,000 supported devices, visit https://deviceatlas.com/device-data/devices. If an unknown mobile device requests a goMobi™ site, it is served with a “standard” version of your mobile website and logged by goMobi™ to be added to our Device Atlas.

Following are some Frequently Asked Questions about the goMobi™ service.

What is goMobi™?
goMobi™ is a service that helps you quickly and easily create a mobile website for your business, putting critical information at your customers fingertips when they are using a mobile device. goMobi™ ensures customers can easily find your business anywhere, anytime with our easy-to-use mobile platform, so you never lose a customer when they are finding you on the go.

Will this replace my desktop site?
goMobi™ doesn't replace your existing site. Instead, it adds an entirely new way for customers to access information about your business while they are on the go. While your existing web site is aimed at giving a full and comprehensive picture of your business, your goMobi™ mobile site lets you deliver information to customers about what matters most. The two sites are complimentary and work together to make sure your customers are getting the most appropriate experience for their needs-wherever they are.

What are the benefits to my customers of having a goMobi™ site?
Studies show that visitors who access a full web site on their smartphones complain about the time and data required to load and navigate the site. Most customers abandon such sites quickly and are unlikely to return. Or, worse, they look for a competitor with a more mobile-friendly web presence.

Because your goMobi™ site is designed with the mobile user in mind, it resolves these problems and satisfies your mobile visitors by giving them quick and easy access to the key information about your business. You save them time and money, and you easily convert them into happy, paying customers.

How can visitors access my mobile site?
We embed a piece of code into your regular website-without any action required from you-that identifies when a customer is accessing your site from a mobile device and automatically redirects them to your goMobi™ website. Additional ways to encourage visitors include:

  • Use the goMobi™ QR Code feature to generate QR codes to give mobile users instant access. Codes can be displayed at your location, on printed items and in marketing materials to drive visitors to your mobile website when they simply scan the code.
  • Add a link from your traditional website that points to your mobile site.
  • Use the SEO tool to attract visitors on the go by including keywords related to your mobile pages.

How does goMobi™ help increase my site's visibility in mobile search engines?
goMobi™ easily allows you to specify keywords to help increase visibility with search engines. Google also recognizes sites that are optimized for mobile and ranks them higher for searches coming from mobile devices.

How is my goMobi™ mobile site built?
The user-friendly goMobi™ Setup Assistant puts you in complete control of your site's look and content. Your site can be built in minutes and then edited at any time. And, in most cases, key information from your full site can be populated on your goMobi™ site.

How often can I update/change my site? Are there additional costs for that?
You can easily use the Setup Assistant to make all the changes you want at any time. And there is never any extra charge so you can continue to adapt the site as you see how customers are using it.

What is included in the package?
The following is included in the service package:

  • Hosting of your goMobi™ mobile web site.
  • Unlimited access to the Setup Assistant to create and modify your mobile website site.
  • A Fair Use policy that applies to traffic volumes up to 2,000 page views per day.
  • Domain Alias Management for up to 4 additional domains for your mobile site (domain fees not included).
  • Implementation of redirection code from your traditional web site.

How much time will I need to set up my Mobile Website?
Your goMobi™ site can be set up in minutes with our simple and easy to use Setup Assistant.. The Setup Assistant is highly intuitive and will guide you through each feature you want to include and can even pre-populate information from your regular web site.

Does goMobi™ require a .mobi domain name?
No. By default, your goMobi™ account will be activated for a mobile version of your regular website domain (e.g. m.yourregularwebsite.com). In addition to that, you can specify additional domain aliases for the mobile site to use.

Can I put ads on my mobile website?
Yes, you can add ads to your mobile website by entering your Google Adsense or AdMob ID in the Site Monetization feature.

Does goMobi™ support multiple languages?
Yes. You can set your preferred language to English, German, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, French, Dutch or Chinese (Simplified) via the Language & Region feature in the Setup Assistant. Site visitors can also choose additional languages via an icon on your mobile site.

How can I directly sell products using goMobi™?
With goMobi™ you can set up a shopping cart to sell products via PayPal and/or Google Checkout. And you can accept payments in Dollars [USD], Euros [EUR], Pounds [GBP], Chinese Yuan [CYN], Japanese yen [JPY], and other currencies.

goMobi™ is available for $5.99/month with Verio Web Hosting packages.

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goMobi™ available for $5.99/month with a Verio Web Hosting package:

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Main Features
Disk space More
At Verio we do not apply specific limits to the amount of disk space you can use for website content. The term “Unlimited” or “No Limit” is for content directly related to the site's content and cannot exceed the total available space for your hosting account. Disk space should not to be used for file storage, only website content. You can also include up to 5GB of Multimedia content.
Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Monthly Transfer More
This is the amount of data that passes between the server where your website is hosted and your visitors.

How much Transfer do you need? Estimate your average page size w/ graphics MULTIPLIED BY # page views / month.

Example: average page size of 50 KB X 2000 page views per day = 3 GB per month. 1,000 GB = 1 TB

6 TB 8 TB 12 TB
Email Accounts More
Email Accounts include POP/IMAP with SSL – TLS, SMTP with SMTP-Auth/Start-TLS, Webmail and Forwards/ Autoresponders
100 250 500
Email Defense Solutions More
Email Defense Includes Spam Filtering, Virus Scanning, Whitelisting, Blacklisting, Domain Blocking/ DNS
Dedicated IP Address More
A static or dedicated IP address is a specific, unchanging number sequence that is used every time to refer to your website on the Internet. Many hosting providers use a shared IP address or dynamic IP for all the websites on a server. This means that a different IP is assigned each time your website connects to the Internet, and this IP is shared by other sites on the server. If any of those other sites are banned by the search engines or spam lists, your site will be affected and lumped in as one of the offenders.
Point-and-click Installer for Over 40 Applications and Web Tools – Unix Plans Only!
Podcasting Tools
Content Management System and Blogging Tools (Joomla or WordPress)
Additional Email Accounts $1 each
Ability to Add Additional Bandwidth – $5/GB
Raw Log Files
CGI Capability, Perl, PHP MyAdmin
One MySQL Database, with Unlimited Subdirectories/ Redirects
XML, Jscript, and Multiple Host Headers

# of Pages 9 9 Unlimited within Disk Space
Design Templates 120 120 250
Voting and Number of Media Albums 1 1 Unlimited within Disk Space
Number of Contents in Media Album 100 100 Unlimited within Disk Space
Maximum Quota 300 MB 300 MB 1000 MB
Weather, Map, Driving Directions, Google Analytics, & .mobi
eCommerce (Product Catalog with PayPal – up to 500 Products)
Flash Introduction, Feedback Forms, Guestbook and Blogging Tools
Counter, News Ticker, Flash Games, and Flash Maker
Multimedia Archive (500+ material of image, sound and movie)
Favicon Editor, Metadata Per Page, SiteMap, & SiteSearch
Uploader, Footer, and Publish Capabilities

# of URLs Submitted to 100+ Search Engines & DMOZ 1 1 3
Automatic Monthly Resubmission, Manual Submission & Initial Site Review
Meta Tag Analysis
Position Check
Meta Tag Generator
Keyword Analysis
Engine Guidelines
Competitor Analysis

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It's Fast and Easy.

Introducing goMobi™ – the easiest way to create a customized mobile website for your business that delivers the information your customers and prospects need when they are on the go. From location and hours of operation, to specials and coupons, social networking updates, online reservations, product sales and more, goMobi takes your business mobile easier than you ever imagined.

Drive traffic. Convert leads.

With goMobi™ even the most non-technical users can set up a professional looking mobile website with our simple, easy-to-use interface that helps you get found on the web and deliver the information you want to get out there. And you can update content at any time to keep your information fresh and your customers coming back.

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