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PCI Payment Gateways

Verio's Recommended Third Party Payment Gateway Options

It can be a confusing process to select a credit card payment gateway. When you launch your ecommerce solution, we want you to have the best tools possible. Accordingly, Verio has partnered with Authorize.Net and Braintree in order to help you find your payment gateway and processing solution. A short summary of each of the payment gateways offered by Braintree and Authorize.Net are listed below with content directly provided by the individual third party provider. You need both a merchant account and a payment gateway to process credit cards. A merchant can typically use their existing merchant account with the Braintree or Authorize.net Gateway. If you don’t have a merchant account you will need to get an account from one of these providers. When you get a merchant account from Braintree, the payment gateway is included. Authorize.Net lists the Merchant Account fees as optional, but if you don’t have a merchant account already, you will need this as well. Please contact the provider directly for more details. Please click on the links provided for additional information.*

With Braintree, you can get all the solutions you need in one place: merchant account, payment gateway, recurring billing and credit card storage (Vault). You'll save time and increase the overall quality of your processing capabilities by having everything with one provider.

Braintree Summary

Merchants that use Braintree's Transparent Redirect API and Vault can reduce the scope of PCI Compliance by as much as 90%. More importantly, merchants can eliminate the handling, processing and storage of credit card data from their environment. All this can be done while maintaining full control of processing capabilities and without changing the user experience (no hosted page). Here is a 4 minute video overview of Braintree's payment gateway solution that explains this visually.

Differentiation – Why would you choose Braintree's Payment Gateway?

  1. Payment Gateway: rich domain model, idiomatic client libraries, and human-readable APIs.
  2. Bundled solutions
  3. We're industry experts
  4. No contracts. No hidden fees. Data portability.
  5. Exceptional support

See pricing and Get Started

Authorize.Net has been the undisputed choice for small- to medium-sized businesses looking to accept electronic check and credit card payments quickly and affordably since 1996. Today, over 284,000 merchants use Authorize.Net services to process transactions, save time and money and protect their business against fraud.

Authorize.Net Summary

Authorize.Net simplifies the task of connecting to the payment processing networks to ensure fast, reliable and secure transmission of transaction data. The Authorize.Net Payment Gateway is available 24/7 for processing transactions. We also offer a number of value-adding services that assist merchants in managing and protecting their business and help simplify PCI compliance. Merchants can log into a secure Web site to configure account settings, manage their transactions generate reports and more. The payment gateway also offers many options and features that can be tailored to specific merchant business models, including retail, online, mail order & telephone order (MOTO) and mobile. Solutions for the iPhone are even included.

Differentiation – Why would you choose an Authorize.Net Payment Gateway?

  1. Largest payment gateway provider – billions of transactions processed
  2. Free fraud-prevention tools
  3. Low prices
  4. Free Verified Merchant Seal
  5. Free customer support

Be sure to use Authorize.Net SIM implementation. See Pricing and Get Started

Nothing on this webpage should be construed to constitute professional advice or a formal recommendation.

* Verio does not provide PAPB/PCI-DSS Certification for our customers. It is our customers' responsibility to ensure that they are compliant. Verio does not recommend that customers store payment information directly on Verio's servers, and customers do so at their own risk.
Nothing on this web page should be construed to constitute professional advice or a formal recommendation.

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