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Domain Name Renewal

Verio is releasing a new control panel over the next few months to make domain name renewals quick and easy. If you do not have the new control panel, use this help file to complete your task. If you have the new control panel, please click here to view the appropriate help file.

Note: This application contains internal help files. From within your DNR or Zone Manager application, you can click on this help icon: Our internal help system appears, enabling you to view help topics concerning the application.

All domain names originally registered with, or Registrar transferred to MELBOURNE IT using Verio's Registration Services renew automatically one day prior to the registry expiration date. This is done to ensure your domain name does not expire unless you instruct Verio otherwise.

Verio will provide you with advanced notification of any pending domain name renewals you may have; however, you may renew your domain name before you receive your renewal notice. Specific renewal and non-renewal instructions will be provided in the notice you receive. Verio asks that you please keep all contact information (especially your email address) up to date at all times.

To renew your domain name, follow these steps:

The following steps assume that you have accessed the Control Panel for the domain name renewal.

  1. From Manage my Web site, click Domain Manager. You may be prompted to log in.

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  2. Locate the domain name to be renewed, click the Actions drop-down menu, and select Renew/Cancel

    Verio Domain Name Renewal Step 2 of 5

    If you do not find the domain name to be renewed on the initial screen, click the Up or Down arrows to navigate to the desired domain name.

    If your domain name expires and does not renew as intended, it may be because there is an invalid payment method on file for your account. We only accept credit/debit card transactions for domain name renewals and registrations. If you received notice that your payment method on file was declined, you will have about 10 days after the expiration date to correct the problem and post the domain renewal using your Domain Manager Tool. Failure to do so will result in deactivation of your domain name and its subsequent release to the open pools of domains for others to post registration requests.

  3. Click to select Yes, renew my registration for.

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    Note You cannot go directly to the Registrar, MELBOURNE IT, to renew domain names. Verio should always be your direct contact for any domain names registered through our services.

  4. From the years drop-down menu, choose the time period for which you are renewing your domain name. Click Continue.

    You may renew your domain name for 10 years only if the domain name is expired. You cannot renew domain names for 10 years if it has not expired. This limit is imposed by the applicable registry, not Verio.

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    Note All renewals are nonrefundable in part or in whole.

  5. Under Card Type, click to select the credit card you want to use for this transaction.

    Verio Domain Name Renewal Step 5 of 5

    For information about how to add or update a card, go to How do I update the method of payment for my account?

  6. Click Finish.
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