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Cloudn — Cloud Computing / Cloud Hosting

Cloudn makes service and application deployment faster and easier than ever before with on-demand, fully scalable, and configurable solutions in the cloud. With new functionality including cloud load balancing, monitoring, auto-scaling, networking, and storage-as-a-service, your options are virtually unlimited!

Featured Products Virtual Server Monitoring Auto Scaling Load Balancing

FREE Bandwidth included with all cloud computing plans!*

Cloudn is a reliable and scalable public cloud computing solution. With our easy-to-follow wizard, you can spin up a cloud server in minutes, configured to your specific needs, without the hassle of hardware, network, and complicated deployment processes. Select from a set of optimized cloud server templates to install on your virtual server, or create and upload your own custom templates. Allow only the type of traffic you want to your servers by managing security groups. Use powerful APIs designed to integrate seamlessly with Amazon partners throughout the cloud services ecosystem. Because Cloudn is an Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) solution, there are no limits on what you can do. Cloudn puts all the power of a hosted datacenter at your fingertips.

Perfect for

  • SaaS and ISV solutions
  • Web and mobile applications
  • Development and test environments
  • Digital media and e-commerce web sites
  • Converting existing on-premise IT to cloud services

Key Benefits

  • Reduce costs and build your business at your own pace
  • Pay only for what you use, with simple straight-forward pricing
  • Scalable, with virtually unlimited on-demand cloud computing power
  • Secure straight out-of-the-box
  • Reliable, backed by our 99.99% uptime guarantee

Reduce costs and build your business at your own pace

  • Eliminates the hassle of “on premise” IT
    • No need to buy and maintain your own hardware.
  • Grows with your business
    • Expand your IT to match the needs of your business as it grows, without high up-front investments.
  • Helps you move faster
    • Deploy new cloud computing solutions within minutes, instead of days.
  • Build a leaner business
    • Reduce expenditures and minimize waste, while maintaining flexibility.

Pay only for what you use with simple, straight-forward pricing

  • Free account
    • Your Cloudn account is 100% free until you create your first cloud hosting solution.
  • No hidden costs
    • No outrageous bandwidth charges! Easily predict your end price.
  • Premium features are included
    • Seamlessly Provision Cloud Servers. Add Load Balancing, Auto Scaling and Monitoring.
  • Data transfer* is FREE!
  • Pay as you go
    • Pay only for what you use, with no contract.

Scalable with virtually unlimited on-demand computing power

  • Scale cloud server resources in minutes
    • Increase the compute power of your server at any time.
  • Add disk space
    • Attach additional data disk volumes to your server with a simple, easy-to-use wizard.
  • IPs
    • Get a fixed global IPv4 address with every Cloudn Virtual Server.
  • Virtually unlimited, on-demand computing power
    • Up to 16GB RAM compute power with 1TB disk volume add-ons available.

Secure, out-of-the-box

  • Security
    • Cloudn servers are secured by default.
  • Manage Security Groups
    • Allow only the type of traffic you want to your servers.

Reliable, backed by our 99.99% uptime guarantee

  • State-of-the-Art
    • Verio delivers a high-performance cloud hosting platform out of our state-of-the-art data center.
  • Verio’s SLA
    • Cloudn solutions are backed by our 99.99% uptime guarantee, and our network is backed by a 99.9% uptime guarantee.
  • Support
    • Includes 24×7×365 Support, via email.

Cloudn Pricing

Virtual Servers Price per hour Maximum Monthly Charge
Plan vQ (.25 CPU/.5GB RAM) $.02111 Running
$.01111 Stopped
Plan v1 (1 CPU/2GB RAM) $.08443 Running
$.04444 Stopped
Plan v2 (2 CPU/4GB RAM) $.16885 Running
$.08887 Stopped
Plan v4 (4 CPU/8GB RAM) $.33770 Running
$.17774 Stopped
Plan v8 (8 CPU/16GB RAM) $.67539 Running
$.35547 Stopped
Data Transfer
Inbound/Outbound* Free Free
Data Volume Price per hour Maximum Monthly Charge
Root Disk (Each additional GB over 40) $.00015 N/A
40 GB Disk Space $.00889 $4.45
100 GB Disk Space $.02222 $11.11
1 TB Disk Space $.22217 $111.09
OS Templates Price per hour Maximum Monthly Charge
Cent OS 6.5 64-bit Free Free
Ubuntu v13.10 64-bit Free Free
Windows Server 2008 R2 64-bit 0.0625 $30.00
Cent OS 6.5 64-bit w/ Plesk (on sale!) 0.0323 $15.50 †
(Regularly $25)
Guest OS Free Free
Data Storage Price per GB/hour Maximum Monthly Charge
Snapshots (Backup Function) $.00015 N/A
My Template $.00015 N/A
ISO Image $.00015 N/A
Load Balancing Price per hour Monthly Charge
Fixed (Up to three virtual servers of distributing destination) N/A $16.67
Additional Per Balancing Instance (Each additional virtual server after three) N/A $5.56
SSL N/A $3.34
Error Page N/A $2.23
Auto Scaling (Requires Monitoring and Load Balancing)
Auto Scaling Free Free
Monitoring Price per hour Monthly Charge
Custom Metrics (Up to two metrics) Free Free
Each additional metric after two N/A $0.56
Alerts (Up to five alerts) Free Free
Each additional alert after five N/A $0.12

† Introductory promotional price.

Cloudn Hosting Calculator

What's the cost of perfection? Test drive configuration options with our Cloudn Hosting Calculator.

Operating System

Linux Windows

Cloudn Compute Plan

Includes FREE bandwidth*

Estimated Monthly Cost

Windows templates coming soon!
Usage Amount
- -
Desired Memory (RAM):
- -
Running / Stopped Hours per day: ? (Based on 30 day per month)
Initial Disk Space: ? - -
Additional Disk Space: ?
Bandwidth In & Out: ?
Additional Options Sub-total:
Select No. of VM’s: ?
Load Balancer: ?
Monitoring: No. of Metrics ?
Monitoring: No. of Alerts ?

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Costs calculated by the Cloudn Hosting Calculator are an estimate only. Actual costs will vary depending on each customer's usage patterns and selected service options.

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How does Cloudn work?
Creating a Cloudn Portal and Compute account is free. With a Cloudn account, you will receive a monthly bill. There will be no charges to your bill until you create a cloud server or provision Cloudn solutions.

Cloudn Portal is a dashboard view of your entire Cloudn account. It provides an easy-to-use Control Panel for deploying your cloud server solutions, managing your API keys and reviewing usage information for all the services you order under your Cloudn account. Cloudn Portal also enables you to set up and manage Portal sub accounts. When your Cloudn Portal account is created, you will receive an email with instructions for logging into your cloud services account.

Cloudn Portal seamlessly connects you to Cloudn Compute Console. Cloudn Compute Console is a GUI for creating and managing cloud servers within your own cloud services network. A simple wizard guides you through the process of creating custom servers to meet your specific needs.

Choose to apply Featured OS Templates to your cloud server, or create your own custom server images to install on any Cloudn virtual server. Add, change, and remove cloud resources at any time — or create a snapshot of a current server as a backup to reuse later. You’ll see your changes within minutes.

Once you’ve created a Cloudn server, it will automatically be added to your own Cloud network and be placed behind a firewall which you control by managing security groups. If you want to allow or block network traffic from outside the firewall, you can easily configure your security settings using the simple GUI provided within Cloudn Compute Console.

What if I need an OS, or a version of an OS, that is not offered by Verio?
Cloudn is not limited to the Featured Templates Verio provides. You can create and use your own templates at any time. You can also upload ISO images of any operating system or application, enabling you to build out your own custom cloud computing solutions.

How does licensing work for Operating Systems and applications installed on Cloudn?
Cloudn is Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), and you are in complete control of all the cloud servers you create. If you choose to install one of Verio’s Featured Premium Templates, such as Windows Server or Plesk Panel, Verio will charge a flat license fee for the OS on a per month basis. It’s important to remember that once an OS installed, you are entirely responsible for managing it, including applying updates and installing security patches. You must also abide by the Terms and Conditions as defined by the OS manufacturer. See the AUP and Terms and Conditions for more information.

Why should I choose Verio’s Cloudn instead of a competitor?
” Verio Cloudn simplifies moving to a cloud hosting solution. You are in complete control, and you can do most everything you need using a GUI.

  • Cloudn is simple and straightforward. There are no hidden costs. Verio does not charge for data transfer.
  • Cloudn allows you to upload your own ISO images, so you can build customized cloud servers based on the OS of your choice — with your specialized configuration, and your choice of apps installed. Rackspace only allows you to build servers from the images they provide. Amazon will let you use other operating systems, but you must know how to build servers specifically for AWS, which can be complicated and time consuming.
  • Verio offers free SAN-based I/O. Rackspace charges a premium for instances that use a SAN and Amazon charges for I/O.
  • With Cloudn, adding disk-space to your cloud server is as simple as using a wizard to change the settings for your server. Most competitors force you to purchase larger servers in order to get more disk space.
  • When you consider the benefits included in the price of the service, Verio Cloudn provides both ease-of-use and cost savings over the competition.

What people are saying…


“Partnering with Verio and NTT Communications offers customers a unique blend of feature elasticity. Verio’s expertise in hosted solutions for SMBs, mixed with NTT Communication’s emphasis on quality and precision, blends well with the future proofing capabilities of Citrix CloudPlatform powered by Apache CloudStack.”

— Krishna Subramanian, VP Product Marketing, Cloud Platforms Group, Citrix


“Verio’s introduction of the latest release of Cloudn represents a major step for NTT Communications’ global cloud strategy. We are proud Verio will be the exclusive service provider of Cloudn in North America, and the first Cloudn offering outside of Japan. Verio’s large customer base and reputation for quality, innovation and customer service will provide both North American customers, and those in Japan and elsewhere outside of North America who chose to host their VMs in North America, with an excellent experience.”

— Motoo Tanaka, Senior Vice President of Cloud Services, NTT Communications

Read Verio’s Cloudn press release »

Click here to learn more about Cloudn Service in Japan.

* This Free Data Transfer Promotion (the “Offer”) is available for customers or partners (“Participants”, or “you”) who purchase Cloudn (Plan vQ, Plan v1, Plan v2, Plan v4 and Plan v8 plans only). The Offer is not available with any other plan, although participants may purchase additional services at the regular price for that service. The Offer provides you with free bandwidth, subject to the applicable Terms and Conditions for Cloudn. This promotion may be discontinued at any time, at which point you will be charged for bandwidth at the standard plan rates, and your account will be charged in accordance with your payment plan. This offer may not be combined with any other offers or discounts, separated, redeemed for cash, or transferred. This offer may be revoked at any time.

† Verio’s Cloudn Portal does not include any Cloudn services, hosting, software-as-a-service, or add-on services. The Cloudn Portal only includes access to the Cloudn Portal itself. This Offer allows any new or existing customers and partners (“you” or “Customers,” collectively) to create a Cloudn Portal account, and view and access the Cloudn Portal. This offer is not available with any other plan or service, and only applies to access to the Cloudn Portal only, although you may purchase Cloudn services or any other services at the regular price for that service. Limit one offer per Customer, and one use per Customer. This offer may be revoked at any time. This offer may not be combined with any other offers or discounts, separated, redeemed for cash, or transferred.

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