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Verio Launches VerioVelocity to Empower Small Business Growth

Powerful new offering provides a one-stop resource for delivering the marketing essentials critical to small businesses success

Greenwood Village, CO – December 5, 2012 – Verio Inc., the leading provider of online business solutions to SMBs worldwide, today announced VerioVelocity™ , a feature-rich small business growth engine designed to help SMBs expand their new business opportunities and increase online revenue.

Small Business Requirements
A wide variety of requirements and an even wider array of options plague small business owners when it comes to their online presence and promotional efforts. Many small business leaders have neither the time nor expertise to evaluate, select and implement the most effective website design and marketing technologies that will ultimately help them to utilize their website as a business asset. They can easily spend thousands of dollars to launch the technologies and more needed to successfully market their business online, and this all before factoring in the personal time spent as well. VerioVelocity changes that with custom website design, copywriting, SEO, directory submissions, Google placement, live chat, video conferencing and mobile web site development all included in one cost-effective package. Small businesses now have instant access to those resources that will enable them to successfully compete in today's ever-evolving, competitive online marketplace.

“With well over half of small businesses looking to grow revenue and a third wanting to reduce costs and improve efficiencies, there is a clear deficit in delivering cost-effective , high-impact technologies for the small business market ,” said Rob Howard, vice president of global sales and marketing for Verio. “The introduction of VerioVelocity quickly changes the small business landscape.”

Introducing VerioVelocity
A small business growth engine that integrates custom web design and professional marketing services, VerioVelocity delivers everything a small business needs to find and be found by customers on the cloud. VerioVelocity empowers small businesses to take control of their online presence with an end-to-end managed solution.

Key benefits include:

  • Individualized consulting to determine an SMBs website design needs and the delivery of a custom site
  • Personalized website development, copywriting services, hosting, logo design, mobile website development, SEO targeting and website statistics
  • Business class technologies designed to help close sales and provide world class customer support including email, live chat and video conferencing
  • Facebook page setup with company description
  • Google Places™, Google Maps™ and Internet Directory Submissions
  • Cloud Hosting for unmatched flexibility and the only offering in this class of solutions hosted on the cloud

“Starting and managing your own small business is time intensive and can be costly in today's current climate, said Howard. With VerioVelocity, SMBs can streamline business activities while at the same time, fundamentally change the way they market and promote their business to increase online revenue, he said.”

According to IDC, overall web presence and online promotional tools are essential to small businesses with over 75% integrating some form of online marketing into their current business strategy. Looking to further expand in this area, almost half of those surveyed stated they plan to increase their use of online promotional tools in the next 12 months.

“SMBs understand the value of promoting their business online and are doubling down with more investment for the future,” said Ray Boggs, vice president of small and medium business research for IDC. “With the availability of this new offering and access to resources such as SEO, social media, custom web design and more, small business customers have the opportunity to extend their online presence globally.”

VerioVelocity is the first in a list of solutions Verio will be introducing to assist small businesses in expanding their new business opportunities.

Now available for a low monthly price of $159.99, visit www.veriovelocity.com today for detailed plan options and product details or (877) 837-4688 to speak with a Verio representative. For more information, you can also visit Verio on Twitter at @Verio or via #VerioVelocity.

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