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Verio Unveils “VerioCatalyst™”

New Focus Offers Global Partners a Leading Online Business Acceleration Platform for Affordable, Online Business Solutions

CENTENNIAL, Colo. — August 20, 2013 -Verio Inc., an NTT Communications subsidiary and leading provider of online business solutions to SMBs worldwide, today announced the launch of VerioCatalyst™ — a robust, user-friendly online marketplace of applications designed to provide global partners with innovative, cloud-based tools and services to meet the needs of their customers. With VerioCatalyst, Verio introduces a new platform for SMBs to browse and purchase a wide selection of scalable IT, marketing, collaboration and mobility applications as well as cost-effective, bundled business services.

“The cloud marketplace model is clearly picking up steam, which equates to more partners and customers being able to access a multitude of services and applications via an intuitive storefront interface and pay for only what they use,” noted Agatha Poon, Research Manager at 451 Research. “Platforms that demonstrate the ability to support full integration with third-party provisioning systems and facilitate collaboration between cloud marketplace suppliers are of great interest to service providers of all kinds. Companies such as Verio that focus on creating an enabling platform to promote openness without compromising control are in a good position to maximize their opportunities.”

Backed by the infrastructure of the no. 1 worldwide telecommunications company, VerioCatalyst’s products provide easily deployable and secure solutions for the everyday problems small businesses face, allowing SMBs to focus on growing their business. As VerioCatalyst customers’ businesses expand, users can quickly adapt and scale their services without having to purchase costly on-site hardware. VerioCatalyst will provide multilingual/multicurrency options to serve their global partners, worldwide, including North America, Latin America, EMEA, and Asia Pacific.

“The VerioCatalyst launch is an important inflection point in our company’s evolution,” noted Verio CEO Hideyuki Yamasawa. “For over 15 years, we have been a trusted online solution provider for both SMBs and partners around the world who work with this audience. With VerioCatalyst, we can leverage our rich experience with SMBs to bring the best to them directly and through our global partners. Our experience shows us that SMBs around the world are consistently in need of solutions for security, mobility, communication and collaboration, marketing, and ever-expanding online presence. VerioCatalyst makes it easy to create geographically pertinent and easy-to-understand bundles of products and services – in multiple currencies and languages – that are targeted exactly at the areas of highest need of our SMB customers.”

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Verio is the leading provider in delivering innovative online business solutions to SMBs worldwide. Verio's solutions provide Cloud, web hosting, managed services, application hosting and SaaS that enables SMBs to drive online success. Verio is a subsidiary of NTT Communications and supports its operations with their highly reliable and scalable Global Tier-1 IP Network. Through this network, Verio provides partners and customers with access to business solutions in more than 120 datacenters worldwide. For more information, join us on Twitter @Verio, Facebook Verio or www.verio.com.

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Verio is a leading global provider of web hosting and cloud services. As a part of NTT, one of the world's largest telecommunications companies, we offer the stability businesses need in a long-term technology partner.

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