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Websites.com Launches Best New Small Business Site Award, the First in a Series of Awards for Website Design

Denver, CO – July 6, 2009Websites.com, the premier online resource for SMBs worldwide, today announced the first in a series of new contests sponsored by Verio. With a total prize value of $13,000, the Best New Small Business Site Award – Summer 2009 will recognize small business customers throughout the United States for outstanding website design, performance and achievement. Official Rules of the contest are available at http://www.websites.com/?q=taxonomy/term/41. Websites.com anticipates that this will be the first in a series of contests over the next several months – the Websites that Work for Small Business series.

As part of the process, the contest will match website owners with partners from the Websites.com “Find an Expert Directory”. The owners will then work with these experts to build a new website for participation and eligibility in the contest.

“This is a great way to recognize the Albert Einsteins of website design in the small business sphere,” said Laurel Delaney, President and Founder, GlobeTrade.com (a Global TradeSource, Ltd. company). “We look forward to hearing from the “Best of the Best” small businesses from across the US with their brilliant ideas on how to leverage technology to drive business results.”

Websites.com is an online destination devoted to providing resources and sharing best practices for website planning, building, hosting and marketing specifically designed for the small business community. All in an effort to help small businesses become more successful online, Websites.com provides educational and informational content, offers peer to peer networking and collaboration and also gives SMBs the opportunity to contribute content to a network of small businesses around the world.

Throughout 2009 -2010, Websites.com may expand the Websites that Work for Small Business contest series into additional markets.

“We are committed to helping small and medium businesses achieve online success and this contest is just the beginning,” said Kazutaka Kobayashi, Director, Global Strategy and Marketing for Verio. “It is our goal that this and any future contests will highlight businesses that are successful at using their expertise in hosting, online collaboration tools, email applications and other technology areas.”

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Websites.com is a leading community site that offers information and technical expertise for small-to-medium business owners who want to create a successful online presence.

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Nothing in this press release is intended to alter the Best New Small Business Site Award – Summer 2009 Official Rules. Please consult the Official Rules, available at http://www.websites.com/?q=taxonomy/term/41 for full participation and eligibility details.

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