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SMBs Looking For Shared and On-Demand Resources, Yet Few Understand The Benefits of Cloud Computing

Armed with the proper knowledge, SMBs Would Implement A Cloud Offering Within The Next 12 Months, According To Survey

Denver, CO and Washington, DC – May 27, 2010 – Still reacting to the current economy, 30 percent of small and medium-sized business (SMB) decision makers are looking to minimize technology costs, yet still demand superior technology and services, according to a survey commissioned by Verio Inc., the leading provider of online business solutions to SMBs worldwide, including web hosting, application hosting and Software as a Service (SaaS). The independent survey of more than 500 SMB decision makers was released at National Small Business Week.

Even with a focus on cutting costs, the survey revealed that more than 50 percent of respondents believe that the ability to share IT resources is most important to them, while 42 percent cite on-demand resources as a high priority.

“The technology needs of small business decision makers continue to evolve, opening the door for innovative technologies designed to drive efficiencies,” said Mitch Merrifield, Senior Director of Managed Computing Solutions for Verio. “With these trends recognized as high priorities, we expect to see solutions such as virtual servers and Cloud Computing being utilized more and more by small businesses.”

The survey also revealed that a majority of SMB decision makers still lack an understanding in the benefits of Cloud Computing despite the attention devoted to the platform. In fact, 72 percent of respondents indicated they know the same, or even less, than they did last year about Cloud Computing solutions.

However, with the proper knowledge and education on the technology, nearly 30 percent of SMB respondents would implement the solution within a year, while 13 percent would implement a solution within three months if the benefits of cloud were clear.

“One of the main factors leading to confusion surrounding cloud is that the technology is emerging and still being defined,” continued Merrifield. “At its core, a Cloud solution can help SMBs share on-demand resources in a highly scalable, pay-as-you go environment to minimize technology costs. With the SMB market on the cusp of understanding its value, we predict that 2011 will mark a significant shift in the viability of Cloud offerings with small businesses.”

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