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Verio Announces Availability of Hosted Exchange 2010

ViaVerio Partner Summit Attendees Will Get First-Hand Look at New Solution

BROOMFIELD, Colo. – May 4 , 2010 – Verio Inc., the leading provider of online business solutions to SMBs worldwide, including web hosting, application hosting and Software as a Service (SaaS), announced today at its viaVerio Partner Summit the availability of Microsoft® Hosted Exchange 2010. The company’s viaVerio partners can now enjoy the distinction of being among the few providers in the world offering this new solution.

“We’ve identified mobility, unified communication and advanced messaging capabilities as some of the ‘Hot’ technology trends for SMBs in 2010,” said Ray Boggs, Vice President of Small and Medium Business Research for IDC. “With the availability of this new offering, viaVerio partners have new opportunity to capitalize on a growing demand in the SMB marketplace for leveraging connectivity tools to help extend workplace productivity.”

Verio’s Hosted Exchange 2010 offering provides all the functionality of a complete business-class email solution. Key features of Hosted Exchange 2010 include:

  • Calendar and scheduling features – users have the ability to view instantly when all members are available rather than emailing back and forth to schedule a meeting or appointment.
  • Collaboration between one office and/or multiple offices – users can share email, address books, calendars, tasks, mobile email and more company-wide.
  • Instantly Connect From Anywhere with Mobile Messaging – users can integrate and sync wireless email and applications on their iPhone, Blackberry and other Smart Phones.
  • Use tasks to instantly assign to-do items company-wide – users can assign tasks without having to send notes and email to check availability.
  • ActiveSync (for iPhone and Mobile) – users can automatically Sync Email with iPhone or Smart Phones using Free ActiveSync. Or add Blackberry mobile messaging for just a few dollars more.

Additional bonus features included free of charge for Verio’s 25GB Hosted Exchange 2010 plans include:

  • Company Disclaimer Service – users can implement company-wide email policies like a signature or legal disclaimer for all email that staff distributes outside of the organization. These disclaimers cannot be edited or removed by the user.
  • Email Archiving Service – archive all messages in accordance with all legal documents and regulations using a 3rd Party Archiving Service Provider.
  • Message Mirror Service – users can monitor and organize messages for compliance with company email policies. This solution creates a copy of every email message – incoming and outgoing – in a separate folder to be referred to when needed.
  • Active Directory Synchronization – users have the ability to constantly synchronize on-premise Active Directory user data with Verio’s Hosted Exchange Active Directory using DirectoryLink. Users can maintain the same contact information, password and other user-related information. Simply import it to Verio’s Exchange infrastructure.

“Hosted Exchange 2010 provides our partners with a unique competitive advantage as we are one of the few providers in the world offering this solution,” said Steve Renda, Senior Vice President of Global Sales and Marketing. “Exchange continues to be one of our top sellers and the availability of this new offering will enable our partners to meet the growing demand in the market for messaging and collaboration tools while at the same, expanding their revenue opportunities.”

Hosted Exchange 2010 is now available. For additional information or to place an order, visit www.verio.com/products/saas/hosted-microsoft-exchange-2010/.

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